Southern Charm Season 8 Is Released Date Confirmed Or Extended? Latest Updates

As charming as the cobblestone pathways and pastel mansions are, the city of Charleston, South Carolina is full of drama, courtesy to Bravo’s Southern Charm. The spicy reality programme has finally returned for Southern Charm season 8, and we’ll be met by old faces and new cast members alike.

It’s been almost a year and a half since last season’s debut, which means we have quite a bit to catch up on with the actors (more information on that in a moment!). Since the show concluded, there’s been an engagement, a handful of new romances, and friendships that went from solid to on the rocks. Don’t worry, we’ll get to witness it all go down (and then some) when season 8 plays out.

Pour yourself a drink of sweet tea (or maybe something a bit stronger…) and be ready to discover what your favourite Southern socialites are up to in The Palmetto State. Here’s all we know about Southern Charm season 8.

Southern Charm Season 8 Cast And Main Lead

Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy and Shep Rose have all returned for season 8. Kathryn has a new beau, Chleb Ravenell — albeit, according to sources and her erased Instagram pics. Leva Bonaparte, Venita Aspen, Taylor Ann Green (Shep’s girlfriend) and John Pringle, who were all new last season, are returning as well. The cast is joined by two rookies, Olivia Flowers (Austen’s reported lover) and Marcie Hobbs (Shep’s younger cousin).

Naomie Olindo is the only cast member who is neither a returning cast member nor a newcomer. She appeared in the third season of Southern Charm as Craig’s fiancee. Season 6 of Bravo was her final appearance on the programme. If you’ve been following the French owner of an online fashion brand, you know that she and her then-boyfriend, Metul Shah, relocated to New York City in 2021. After a long absence, she’s reunited with her old co-stars in the Lowcountry.

  • Leva Bonaparte
  • Craig Conover
  • Kathryn Dennis
  • Austen Kroll
  • Madison LeCroy
  • Shep Rose
  • Olivia Flowers
  • Marcie Hobbs
  • Chleb Ravenell
  • Venita Aspen
  • Taylor Ann Green
  • Naomie Olindo
  • Patricia Altschul
  • Whitney Sudler-Smith
  • John Pringle

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Southern Charm Season 8 Plotline

This season, expect a tangle of connections to cross your way. Having Craig and Naomie back together would be OK if Paige DeSorbo from Summer House wasn’t dating him. Paige visits her boyfriend and expresses her displeasure with the idea of spending time alone with an ex while seeing someone else. Craig acknowledges in the teaser that he and Naomie aren’t just ex-lovers; they’ve been hooking up “recently,” so maybe Paige has good reason to be concerned.

Shep and Taylor are still together, but we catch a glimpse of Taylor’s tears, which suggests that the honeymoon period is ended. A new lady in his life named Olivia has lately joined the ranks of Austen’s love interest, Madison, who recently got engaged to a new man. Kathryn and Chleb’s relationship, and the disputes that may have contributed to their break-up, will likely be explored.

Friendship drama is clearly a theme in Austen’s work. “Austen, you’re a f****** joke,” Shep says at him in one teaser clip, and “I can’t believe I’m sharing oxygen with you!” in another. We have a sneaking feeling that the conflict between Shep and Austen has something to do with Austen privately discussing with Taylor “just the way he speaks to you sometimes.”

Of course, Southern Charm wouldn’t be the same without Patricia Altschul’s dinner parties. The unfortunate news is that we won’t be able to witness Michael the Butler make her famous martini this season due to his recent spinal cord stroke. Whitney Sudler-Smith, her son, will appear on the programme.

Southern Charm Season 8 Release Date

The first episode of Southern Charm season 8 debuted on Bravo on Thursday, June 23 at 9 pm ET. New episodes will run weekly at the same time in the same location, so the second episode hits Bravo on June 30.

Southern Charm Season 8 Trailer

When it comes to the Southern Charm cast, two things are guaranteed. For starters, they know how to dress for special occasions in elegant, glitzy attire. In addition, they are adept at putting aside their Southern delicacies in order to provide us with quality entertainment.

Southern Charm Season 8 Expectation From Episode one

There was one thing abundantly evident from the outset: Charleston has undergone a sea shift. While on separate travels to Las Vegas, Naomie Olindo saw her ex-boyfriend Craig and confessed to hooking up with him.

This caused a big breach between Craig, Shep, and Austen, who thought that Craig was no longer putting in the effort that they had previously had.

After Kathryn’s fight with Naomie about what Naomie had written on Instagram before the party, Kathryn celebrated her 30th birthday by throwing a Gatsby-themed party.

Shep and Austen were also at the party, and Craig voiced his frustrations and agreed that they would meet again at a later date to discuss the matter further.

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Southern Charm Season 8 Rating

On IMDb, Southern Charm had a rating of 6.1 out of 10. Also 77% of google users and viewers thought it was a good show.

Southern Charm Season 8 Who Is married?

Madison LeCroy has been vocal about her planned wedding to Brett Randall since before season 8 started on The Bachelorette. As she said in an interview with US Weekly:

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to invite the whole cast to the wedding, but that’s OK with me.

How To Watch The Premiere Of Southern Charm Season 8

A new season of Bravo’s Southern Charm premieres tonight at 9/9c. Watch the season 8 premiere for free on FuboTV or DIRECTV Stream using one of these services.

There is no lack of drama in the life of a Southern socialite. Season 8 of Southern Charm will have known personalities, surprising appearances, and even a wedding, so expect the show’s trademark style and obvious flare to be on full display. Friendship, romance, fashion, children, and their opulent social scene are all a part of this Bravo reality series about a bunch of swanky southerners. Get ready for a wild start to the new season. Tonight at 9/8c, Bravo’s Southern Charm is back with a brand new episode.

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For the most part, this is an excellent programme. Season 7 is difficult to watch, to say the least. Not a fan of the new characters and the way some of the older ones have been treated. Even when Kathryn apologised, I was no longer interested in watching the programme because of the new girl’s constant reference to the event. To get away from the real world, I watch this programme, but this season only spoke about it. The new season was a complete letdown for me. Seasons 1-6, on the other hand, were fantastic!

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