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Release Date for Star Trek Legacy: Following the conclusion of Star Trek: Picard season 3, Star Trek fans everywhere can only think about one thing: the release of Star Trek Legacy. The tale of the characters from Star Trek: Picard season 3 would be continued in a potential new Star Trek series called Star Trek Legacy. One thing is certain: fans want it. We already know certain things and don’t know others.

But there’s a problem. It has been made plain by Terry Matalas that Star Trek Legacy is simply a concept and is not currently in production. However, Star Trek: Picard’s third season has received largely positive reviews, indicating that viewers are eager for more.

Additionally, the performers have stated their desire for the narrative to continue, and Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 10 clearly sets up a direct sequel. Here are our predictions for the Star Trek Legacy release date, cast, plot, and other information in light of that.

Star Trek Legacy Release Date

If the series is authorized by the end of 2023, we believe that Star Trek Legacy might debut in 2025. The streaming service will want to launch a new series as quickly as possible because Star Trek Picard was one of Paramount Plus’s most well-liked programs. The 2023 Writers Strike, which is still ongoing but should be finished by year’s end, is the only significant issue.

Matalas discussed the stage of development with Variety, We don’t want to launch [a Star Trek Legacy series] right away. We want to be sure we complete it correctly. I slyly say, “That’s where we are with it.” Nothing is being done with it right now.

Similar statements have recently been made by Alex Kurtzman, who is in charge of developing Star Trek for television. “The voice of the people has been heard clearly. There must be further information. We’ll see, then.

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Star Trek Legacy Cast And Main Lead

Now that Star Trek: Picard’s third season is done, we know a lot about who will be in the Star Trek Legacy crew. The emphasis of the program will presumably be JeriRyan’s character Seven of Nine and the Starship Enterprise-G’s fresh crew.

Naturally, these individuals would be joined by new cast members and guest stars.

Who would be on the Star Trek Legacy cast?

Star Trek Legacy Cast And Main Lead

  • persona of Jeri Ryan
  • Michelle Hurd as Captain Seven of Nine
  • Commander As Ed Speleers, Raffi Musiker
  • Ensign Shlei Jack Crusher Chestnut, Sharpe
  • David La Forge
  • The Liam Shaw of Todd Stashwick

Star Trek Legacy Plotline

In Star Trek Legacy, the narrative of the crew lead by Captain Seven of Nine will continue. The USS Titan is now known as the Enterprise-G. We also know that Jack Crusher, who is Picard and Beverly’s son, will be under Q’s watchful watch when he returns.

That is all we are certain of regarding the story. In a more broad discussion on Star Trek Legacy, Terry Matalas outlined his ideas for the show’s plot.

In case you were wondering, StarTrekLegacy is what I would refer to as a spin-off from #StarTrekPicard. a television program that examines the Last Generation and the Next Generation and is set in the year 25th.”

That seems very similar to what we saw in Picard’s third season, which isn’t always a negative thing. If we were to hazard a guess, we’d think that the Star Trek Legacy tale will revolve more on one major narrative than a number of smaller stories. From Strange New Worlds, fans already know this, And it’s obvious that Matalas enjoys crafting grand, audacious tales.

There are many more series in this genre to keep you entertained while you wait for the release of Star Trek Legacy. This includes seasons of Superwog, The Luminous Solution, and many others.

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Star Trek Legacy Trailer

Obviously, there isn’t a Star Trek Legacy trailer yet. It won’t happen right away, either. Like Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 (which had a fantastic trailer), if the program is produced, the trailer will probably be released a few months before the show’s launch.


The third season of Star Trek: Picard’s cast will be continued in a prospective new Star Trek series called Star Trek Legacy. Fans are anxiously expecting the release of Star Trek Legacy in 2025, even if Terry Matalas has emphasized that the series is only an idea. This is assuming that it gets authorized before the end of 2023. The new Starship Enterprise-G crew and Jeri Ryan, Captain Seven of Nine, are among the cast members.

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