Stars Align Anime Season 2 Release Date Announced Or Cancelled?

Most of the best shows in this genre have attracted a considerable following. This can be seen in the Stars Align anime. Although the premise of the show is very generic in terms of sports, the characters make it stand out and make it better than the rest. Stars Align Anime Season 2 has been in high demand from fans who want to see more of the characters.

I’d like to know when the show will be back on our TVs again. Take a look at what’s new. Hoshiai no Sora, known in Japan as Stars Align, is an original sports drama anime series. Kazuki Akane served as the show’s executive producer, and the animation for the first season was provided by the Eight Bit studio.

The first season of the show aired its twelve episodes on October 11th, 2019. The season’s final episode aired on December 27th, 2013. There was also a two-year-old fan film that was filmed after the anime series ended in May of the previous year.

Stars Align Anime Deal With? 

“Star-Crossing Skies” (Hoshiai no Sora) is a Japanese anime television series created and directed by Studio 8bit’s Kazuki Akane (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3, Knight’s and Magic Season 2, and Absolute Duo Season 2). From the 10th of October through the 26th of December, 2019, the show was on the air.

Many worldwide fans of the series have contacted Kazuki Akane via his Twitter account to inquire about the status of the sequel. He re-explained the current situation in English for individuals who might have been misled by an incorrect translation.

To develop a “Stars Align Season 2” after the end of the original anime’s TV broadcast, he couldn’t find anyone eager to take on the project. So far, he’s been unable to find animators.

For a sequel, Kazuki Akane has decided that despite the fact that it isn’t ideal right now, she intends to one day produce episodes 13 through 24 and then deliver them to her followers.

As a Funimation simulcast, “Stars Align” was aired on Japanese television between October and December 2019. This is a two-minute fan film that takes place two years after the release of the TV series in May 2020.

Stars Align Anime Season 2 Has Been Renewed Or Not?

Hoshiai no Sora’s first season was one of the year’s top anime offerings. Critics and fans alike were wowed by the film’s performance. MyAnimeList has given the show a 7.57-star rating at the time of this writing. The anime has been a huge success, both critically and commercially. It’s the #1170 most popular MAL group, with 147K people as a part of the community.

The creators of Season 2 of Stars Align will be persuaded to continue the series based on these figures. The show’s viewers have sent countless notes to the show’s producers. While the show’s director moved backwards, the rest of the cast and crew did not. The plan calls for the programme to be completed relatively quickly, and that appears to be the case.

Stars Align Anime Season 2 Premiere Date

Stars Align, the show’s director, participated in a Twitter Q&A session to answer questions from fans all over the world. A 24-episode run was originally planned. No more episodes were to be aired after the 13th one was cancelled, Akane said. Twitter backtracked on his earlier statement that no production companies or sponsors were interested in funding a second season of Stars Aligne.

His other projects include the next 13-24 chapters of the series, which he has already begun. After finding a new location for the sequel, Kazuki Akane has committed to keep the series going.

This day marks the arrival of Stars Align Season 2 on DVD.

A delay in the release of Hoshiai no Sora’s second season has been suggested. pre-production will commence once the director has secured a studio. The show’s run could be extended until 2023 if Akane quickly finds a new production firm.

Stars Align Anime Season 2 Plotline

Only that it was a superb tennis anime “Prince of Tennis” is all I recall about “Prince of Tennis”. The focus of this animation is not solely on basketball and volleyball, as is common in other sports anime. The plot revolves around a group of students in a typical high school atmosphere, but the characters are what keep the story moving.

These sporting events are sure to inspire anyone who enjoys a good story about an underdog. Because of this, “Hoshiai no Sora” is a must-see for all anime aficionados.

Ahead of the second season’s premiere, we asked the cast and crew of Captain Tsubasa if the series was based on a true story.

You may be wondering if the programme will be revived for a second season now that the first one has come to an end. Everything you need to know about it may be found right here. It appears that the junior high school soft tennis club is on the danger of disbanding owing to lack of student engagement.

Touma Shinjou, a skilled classmate and fellow member of his club, is keen for Maki Katsuragi to join him. While he agrees, Katsuragi insists on payment in order for him to be able to keep playing. The two students decide to salvage their school’s tennis team by winning the next state championship together instead.

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Stars Align Anime Season 2 Cast And Main Lead 

Season 2 of Stars Align is scheduled to feature Justin Briner’s Maki Katsuragi. Despite his stellar academic record, he’s an amateur tennis player who quickly rises to the top of the soft tennis league. Now that his parents have divorced, he is living with his mother and working odd jobs to help support the family.

Soft tennis captain Toma Shinjo is portrayed by Josh Grelle in Stars Align Season 2. Maki was the only one who cared about the game before he entered. Expected to appear in Season 2 are characters such as Itsuki Ameno (voiced by Derick Snow) and Rintaro Fusu (expressed by Garret Storms) as well as Tsubasa Soga, Shingo Takenouchi, Nao Tsukinose and Taiyo Ishigami (voiced by Dallas Reid).

Aya Katsuragi, Kaori Kasuga, Kenji Kyobate, and Toma’s mother will all be in the programme, and they will all be voiced by Tia Ballard and Mikaela Krantz, respectively.

Stars Align Anime Season 2 Release Date

“Stars Align” premiered on October 11th, 2019 and aired through December 27th, 2019. Compared to other recent sports anime, this one has been favourably reviewed and is eagerly awaited by many fans for its second season. Anime director Kazuki Akane tweeted that the first season’s original 24 episodes were cut down to 12 because of scheduling conflicts.

These fans will be happy to hear this. Aside from that, he reminds fans in his post to keep supporting the programme until it returns in some shape or another.

With only a few hours to spare before he issued a Stars Align Season 2 update, director Kazuki Akane announced the original Two-Cour series would get a second season titled Stars Align.

Stars Align Anime Season 2 Where Can See?

Every episode of Stars Align is available on Hulu, Crunchroll, and Funimation for streaming.

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Stars Align Anime Season 2 Ratings And Review

Kazuki Akane of studio Eight Bit created and directed the Japanese animation series Stars Align. From the 10th of October through the 26th of December, 2019, the show was on the air.

  • gave Stars Align (Original Japanese Version) a rating of 7.59/10.
  • It received a 7.4/10 on IMDb for the original Japanese version of Stars Align.
  • Anime-rating Planet’s for Stars Align (Original Japanese Version) is 4.119 out of 5.
  • This TV show was favoured by 95% of Google users.

Stars Align Anime Season 2 Trailer And Teaser

Please use a VPN if you are unable to access the video because of location limitations.

Stars Align Anime Season 2 Action

It’s about the maturation of young men in a middle school soft tennis club that’s on the verge of closing its doors. Shinjo Toma suggests a summer competition in order to entice Katsuragi Maki to join the team due to his highly regarded abilities. In order to get money, Katsuragi plans to join the squad.


What a BEAUTIFUL series. There’s a tennis club at beginning, but as you get farther into the show you’ll notice that character development takes precedence over the sport. This show tackles a slew of pressing issues that the rest of the media prefers to ignore.

Because of this, it’s geared for a younger demographic, who might identify with the protagonists’ struggles. This isn’t the first time someone has described it as an emotional roller coaster, complete with loop-the-loops and upside-downs. Nonetheless, it’s both exciting and pleasant.

Stars Align is a game changer. One of the best animes I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait for season 2 to be released. Each character has a fascinating backstory and the way they overcome their hardships to play softball tennis together is incredibly heartwarming. Incorporating the LGBTQ+ community into the anime was a brilliant concept. Overall, this anime is excellent, and I strongly suggest it to everyone who enjoys Japanese animation.

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