Surviving Summer Season 2| Release Date| Cast| Trailer And More

“Surviving Summer Season 2,” Netflix’s newest family drama, will be one of the shows available on the streaming service in June 2022. If Surviving Summer returns for a second season, what can we anticipate in the future? Take a look at it.

It’s safe to say that Werner Film Productions, the Australian studio behind Netflix’s Secret City, is behind Surviving Summer. From her time as a Disney star on Raven’s Home, Sky Katz is best known. Kai Lewins, Lilliana Bowrey, and Savannah La Rain are also in the cast.

 Surviving Summer Season 2 Happen Or Not?

After just a few weeks on the air, Netflix has yet to make a decision on Surviving Summer. We’re presently split 50/50 on the series’ future. A renewal for this Australian production is unlikely, despite the fact that it has held its own from week one to week two.

In a blog post on the production company’s website, the show’s creators express hope that “Shorehaven will fascinate viewers as it did Summer and there will be a second season, hopefully with adequate surfing.”

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast And Main Lead

Surviving Summer’s main cast, which includes: Sky Katz as Summer; Kai Lewins as Ari Gibson; Lilliana Bowrey as Poppy Tetanui; Joao Gabriel Marinho as Marlon Sousa; Savannah La Rain as Bodhi Johnson, should return for a second season unless something negative occurs off-camera regarding the cast members.

We have no idea who the new cast members will be, but if Netflix chooses to continue the feel-good TV programme, we shouldn’t be surprised if we see some new faces.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast

Season 2 of Surviving Summer is expected to premiere sometime in the spring of 2017.

There is no official word from Netflix on whether or not Surviving Summer will be renewed just yet, but these kinds of announcements sometimes take a while. Despite this, the show’s popularity has risen to the top 10 of charts all around the globe. It’s safe to assume that Surviving Summer will return next year if season two is successful. Obviously.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Plotline

Surviving Summer Season 2 Plotline

Summer’s passion for her new house blossoms throughout Season One (despite her original reluctance). In the course of the film, we witness her take up surfing and finally fall in love with her new lover, Ari Gibson (Kai Lewins).

However, Surviving Summer’s Sky Katz revealed to The Express that there would be a third season “For the first time in her life, Summer has the sensation that things is just perfect. She’s thankful to have been given a clear path to follow.”

When we witness our heroine wander through the airport looking at images of her new pals, we know that Surviving Summer’s first season closes on a cliffhanger. During an interview, Sky said, “Listen, I hope so,” and we’re hoping for the same.

 Surviving Summer Season 2 Popular Or Not?

In terms of audience numbers, it’s still too early to tell how well the programme is performing, but we do have a few sources to rely on.

Netflix gave us our first indication of how well the programme was performing on June 14th, directly from the horse’s mouth.

After three days, the programme didn’t make it into the top 10 on TV (English) (meaning it had less than 8.7 million hours seen), but it did make it into the top 10 on Netflix (meaning it had more than 8 million hours) (June 6 through 12).

There were 20.3 million views, indicating that the programme had a sluggish start but has built up steam over time.

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Surviving Summer Season 2 Ratings

When it comes to raw top 10 stats, how well is the programme doing? FlixPatrol tells us that Eastern Europe, the Nordics, Australia, and New Zealand are the greatest markets for the series.

On June 7th (four days after the program’s debut), their data indicated that the show may have reached its pinnacle, with 363 points.

On the Netflix Kids top 10s, the programme is also doing well.

As you can see in the heat map below, FlixPatrol doesn’t monitor all areas, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

According to IMDb’s MovieMeter, the programme has risen from 1,021st place to 108th place in the world’s most popular titles.

IMDb has given the programme a 6.2 out of 10 rating on 823 reviews as of this writing. It received a wide variety of reviews, from calling it “boring” to lauding it as one of the finest Australian productions of all time.

  • On IMDb, Surviving Summer had a rating of 6.3 out of 10.
  • Common Sense Media gave Surviving Summer a rating of 3 stars.
  • On The Envoy Web, Surviving Summer has a rating of 3 stars.
  • This TV programme was a big hit with 95% of Google users.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Rating

What We Except From Surviving Summer Season 2

No doubt the story will pick up where it left off in episode 10 if the show is renewed.

Here’s a short recap of what happened in the 10th episode:

With a new task or a cause to return to Australia to spend time with her new pals, Summer’s second season would likely begin in New York City.

Could her buddies join her in New York for season 2? Of course we can see a reversal at work. Only time will tell.

Netflix should bring back Surviving Summer for a second season, or not? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Is Surviving Summer Season 2 Based On True Event Or Any Book?

It is not based on a genuine tale in the movie “Surviving Summer Season 2.” In the beginning, Josh Maplestone and Joanna Werner, the show’s creators, came up with the show’s concept. Before teaming together on this project, they each worked as a creator or writer on a number of other products. It’s this combination of expertise and creativity that allows the partnership to craft an original story that incorporates many real-world themes.

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Filming Location Of Surviving Summer Season 2

‘Surviving Summer’ was shot in Victoria, Australia’s coastal districts. It started filming on March 2, 2021, and concluded up on May 17, 2021, for season one of the series. Here are some specifics on where the movie was shot.

Surviving Summer Season 1- Short Recap

Summer’s mother obtains a job in the Middle East and sends her to Australia to be with an old friend’s family after Summer was expelled for the second time. They include Abbie, Thommo and Honey. Summer uses her mother’s credit card to book a flight to New York City and prepares to depart the next day.

She’s invited to a party by Bodhi and Poppy. With Ari close following, she makes her way to Shorehaven for the first and last time. When Ari’s parents find out, they put him in the house.

After a year of therapy, Ari is ready to hit the waves again. When he experiences panic attacks as a result of the tragedy, Summer is there to comfort him. As a result, she is late for her flight.

In the event of an assault while swimming, Summer advises Ari to remain calm. To ease his anxiety, Coach Manu recommends a series of activities he thinks are typical.

Without their parents, Poppy, Prawnie, and Manu manage the Tetanui Surf School. Poppy, a world-class surfer, balances work and training.

At the beginning of the programme Summer had a hard time making friends and forming groups of her own, but now she is more confident in her ability to work with others and form groups of her own. Surfing with the group means working together to overcome tiny obstacles.

Because of their shared past, Ari and Marlon are unable to have a meaningful relationship. Marlon changed his mind about doing a risky cliff jump at the eleventh hour. That day, Ari dislocated his shoulder and was unable to surf for the next year.

Poppy and Bodhi were advised by Marlon that Ari didn’t want visitors in order to avoid being outcast by his friends. Marisa has never visited Ari in the hospital, which irritates Ari. Marisa: Bodhi’s ex-boyfriend is upset because he dated her in spite of Ari’s feelings for her. They come to an agreement to end their conflict.

Poppy’s feelings for Ari are made clear during a game of secrets. When she invites him to her house, he reciprocates by kissing her back. Later, they both forget about the kiss and decide to stay close.

One of Bodhi’s picture shoots is derailed by Marlon who wants to be an influencer himself. After these and other selfish actions, Bodhi decides to end their relationship. Bodhi accepts Ari’s bracelet, but he is unable to share his ideas with him because of the interruptions.

Marlon tells Ari that he still hasn’t come to terms with Bodhi and urges him not to pursue her in order to save the group. Ari is certain, but after hearing Bodhi tell Poppy that she would never date him, he changes his mind.

Bodhi is raised by her overworked father. On one particular day, she returns home to discover him fretting about a double-booking. Despite losing the challenge, she offers to help him.

A desperate Summer runs over to Bodhi, accusing her father of pushing her to do labour that she doesn’t want. Summer and Bodhi return to the beach after mending their differences. Bodhi’s sponsors are persuaded to renew his contract by Summer.

The time is drawing close for Summer to return home, but she has other plans in mind from her mother. Summer’s mother had secretly intended for her to stay with the Gibsons for an additional three months. Stairway, where Ari injured his elbow, is a regular haunt for her.

Ari and Marlon are watching her as she races towards them and jumps into the water in defiance of them. When Ari’s parents learn about it, they discipline him. Summer’s mother, Margot, arrives to take her back to her house.

During the summer, Ari picks up some of Summer’s rebellious and impulsive habits. Unlike her, Ari gives up when faced with a task. She tells Ari to ignore any restrictions that could get in the way of achieving his objectives.

Marlon joins Anchor Cove because he believes he’s being overlooked by the rest of the team and coach Manu. After learning of his treachery, his friends turn their backs on him. Coach Manu has decided to call it a day on their working relationship.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Trailer Details Are Here

So yet, no new Surviving Summer clips have surfaced. We’ll keep you posted when the season two teaser drops, which is anticipated to be sometime in 2023 at the earliest!

Netflix has made Surviving Summer accessible to stream right now.

There isn’t a second season of Surviving Summer trailer.

Unfortunatelly, not quite yet, and we’ll have to wait till S2 is officially announced to see what’s in store. In case you missed it, here’s the S1 teaser.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Trailer


The programme won me over in the end—I’m not going to lie, the only reason I was going to watch it was for Sky and Sav—but I’m glad I did. At first, I was worried that it would be a trite drama with shoddy acting, but I couldn’t have been more incorrect. There is so much to love about this programme, and it’s because of the performances, the drama, the music, the friendships, and the relationships.

Because this is a real-life event, you don’t simply watch and say, “Oh, cool,” or “That would never happen.” Summer and her mother’s connection is relatable to many individuals, and it’s not only Summer’s relationship with her mother that’s relatable; it’s the interaction between all of the characters.

I’d be happy if Netflix didn’t renew it, but I know a lot of the fans would be thrilled if they did, and I’m sure they’d appreciate it. This is an incredible show, and I urge you to see it. You’re also anticipating the new season.

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