The Menu Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

You’ve probably gotten a little too elitist and nerdy about something in your life if you’re visiting a site like this. You’ve said or done something so elitist and condescending about a movie, song, or other work of art that you’ve managed to insult yourself. If you can identify with it, then you will find The Menu to be a fascinating read.

Honestly, you’ll probably like it regardless of whether or not you’ve ever dropped the deepest cut, obnoxious reference to make yourself appear knowledgeable. When it comes to modern social relations and elitism, The Menu is the ultimate middle finger, and it’s told in a marvelously dramatic and entertaining way.

Two of the twelve persons who have spent an outrageous amount of money for a reservation at Hawthorne are played by Nicholas Hoult and Anya Taylor-Joy (both soon to be of the Mad Max universe). The Hawthorne, under the direction of Slowik (Ralph Fiennes), is widely regarded as the best restaurant in the world.

It is set on its own private island and has won numerous awards for its cuisine. Even in the opening few seconds, Tyler’s pompous use of food terminology suggests that the film will take its subject matter far too seriously. However, such elitism is par for the course at Hawthorne, which features an almost repulsive number of conventions, rules, and a menu designed expressly for its clientele. It pays close attention to every last detail. The little things that, in this case, add up to something bigger and perhaps sinister.

The Menu Release Date

A Big Screen Debut For The Menu Is On The Books Date: November 18

While there is no shortage of impending scary movies in the month of October, one of the year’s most intriguing and original offerings won’t hit theatres until November. That’s because, when we’ve finished eating our mouths and filling our bellies, we can all go see The Menu in theatres on November 18, 2022.

Although The Menu won’t be released to theatres until the middle of November, the horror comedy had its world premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival in September, where it received 4.5 stars from CinemaBlend’s Corey Chichizola in a spoiler-free video review. When asked about his favourite projects at the festival, he praised The Menu as “a great recipe of comedy and horror” in another article.

The Menu has an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the film even before its broad distribution in a little over a month. We still have some time before the big release, so we’ll have to see if critics and moviegoers alike enjoy the impending horror comedy.

Cast Of The Menu 

Ralph Fiennes, an acting icon and Oscar candidate, has a history of portraying villainous characters, and Chef Slowik appears to be no exception. Fiennes has done several legendary roles, including Rameses in The Prince of Egypt and Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films. However, after portraying the horrifically ruthless antagonist in Schindler’s List, he reportedly came under intense scrutiny in real life. Why? People who saw the film probably associated Fiennes with the villainous character he played. That alone should have been enough for us to see what a natural he is at playing bad guys.

Anya Taylor-Joy is set to portray the lead role of Margot. Taylor-Joy has had a deservedly successful career ever since her breakthrough performance in The Witch, appearing in critically acclaimed films including Split, Last Night in Soho, The Queen’s Gambit, and The Northman. Margot looks the most realistic, as she is the only one who objects to the film’s ridiculous food snobbery.

Nick Hoult’s Tyler, on the other hand, is as much of a food snob as it is possible to be. While he didn’t collaborate with Taylor-Joy on the set of the Oscar-winning blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road, she’ll be joining the cast of the upcoming spin-off Furiosa.

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Main actors John Leguizamo, Janet McTeer, Aimee Carrero, Judith Light, Hong Chau, Christina Brucato, Arturo Castro, Reed Birney, and Rob Yang have all been cast.

The Storyline of The Menu 

An exciting part of going to the movies is asking yourself this question. Mark Mylod’s “The Menu” is like the cinematic fusion cuisine of the two; it begins as a satire, then transitions to a thriller, and finally ends on a gruesome note. There’s a good reason why Seth Reiss and Will Tracy’s script, Trapped Diners, made it onto the 2019 Black List: it’s “The Exterminating Angel” for the franchise era, with its trapped-diners premise and the evisceration of those in power.

Tyler (Nicholas Hoult), a wealthy foodie, invites his new girlfriend Margot (Anya-Taylor Joy) to Hawthorne, an extravagant eatery located on a private island. Quite the ominous setting, if you ask me. The twisted remains of sea-killed trees on the receding beach poke up through the shifting sand.

Since they must get up early to gather the day’s harvest, fish, or butcher, the kitchen staff at the restaurant sleeps onsite in barracks-like living quarters, with rows of cots lined up next to each other. The restaurant itself is decorated with the same modernism-meets-minimalism effect as the house in “Parasite,” and the characters’ individual lives and identities are absorbed into a type of culinary cult. These are the selling points provided to the twelve people who have been invited to this one extraordinary lunch.

Agatha Christie and William Castle have both used the cliche of strangers who take a boat to an island where they would soon be bonded in an experiment with dread, but “The Menu” enjoys the slow burn. Tyler, who has an unhealthy obsession with food, looks up to Ralph Fiennes’ character, Chef Slowik, who basically runs this island like Jim Jones in an apron.

Tyler is so dedicated to proving his devotion to the culinary arts that he is willing to suffer any humiliation necessary to do it. Hoult has no qualms about playing unlikeable characters, like as the conceited jerks he has in “The Favourite” and “The Great.” As a self-loathing dweeb who takes pleasure in clumsy gourmet jargon like “mouthfeel,” he serves as a powerful caricature of a culture that has elevated “bespoke” to the level of a fetish.


Given the sheer number of personalities at play, each will rely on one or two distinguishing characteristics to make an impression, and these will become increasingly evident as the crisis escalates. One food critic (Janet McTeer) is overheard saying, “Fiendish!” after being served a breadless bread plate by Chef Slowik. Reed Birney, a wealthy regular who has been cheating on his wife (Judith Light), and three banking bros are there because it is pricey and exclusive, while John Leguizamo is there to film a reality programme about cuisine.

When the protagonists are all given tortillas stamped with a negative memory from their past, you know that justice will be done before dessert. The cinematographer from “Mulholland Drive,” played by Peter Deming, floats among the patrons of the restaurant, making them into a single, passive entity: Why don’t they put up more of a fight as warning signs of impending disaster multiply?

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The chef for Fiennes is very quiet and deliberate when speaking, as if he or she already knows how everything will turn out and is at peace with whatever results may arise. However, “The Menu” takes it as a given that he succeeded in getting his kitchen workers to embrace his objective without explaining how he did so. Do not expect a character study, but rather a suspenseful thriller.

One thing Chef Slowik didn’t take into account was Taylor-character, Joy’s Margot, who turns out to not have been Tyler’s first choice in a date. As the film’s lone dimensional character, Taylor-Joy gives her most impressive performance to date. She is wise to Tyler’s antics and rebels against the foodie show from the get-go. She gives off an air of sophistication, as though she can decipher the Matrix’s secret code, whether she’s gazing down Tyler in bewilderment or calling out the chef for his sanctimonious egotism. Taylor-Joy spends a lot of the film bewilderedly taking it all in.

If “The Menu” wanted to grow further, it would have to introduce people beyond Margot who are more complex and interesting. It’s too thinly sliced to make any kind of criticism against our burgeoning vengeance culture, which has become an economy in its own right, but you want to know why Chef Slowik let grievances dictate his life. Still, “The Menu” succeeds where others fail: it keeps you engaged and, for a while, makes you believe that anything may happen. What a wonderful thing that is in and of itself.

Is There Any Trailer For The Menu

The first teaser trailer for The Menu was published by Searchlight Pictures in June 2022, giving audiences a taste of the star-studded event to come. The 93-second clip gives viewers their first look at some of the film’s key players, such as Ralph Fiennes’ Chef Slowik, Anya Taylor-Margot, Joy’s and Nicholas Hoult’s Tyler.

The trailer does just enough to pique your interest in this chilling option for a date night without giving anything away or spoiling the suspense that will be delivered in the feature presentation.

Where To Watch The Menu Online

On November 18th, the Menu will be made available to anyone eager to give it a try, just as some of the most anticipated films of 2022 are due to make their debut.

On Friday, November 18, theatregoers will be able to savour the whole three-course feast that is The Menu, just in time to share a night of delicious cuisine and psychotic breakdowns with their loved ones on Thanksgiving. There has been no indication on when or if this film will be made available on streaming services, but given that it is a Searchlight Picture and is likely a touch too intense for the indie distributors’ new mouse overlord, Hulu seems like the most likely streaming home for gastronomic pandemonium.

On November 10, 2022, you can begin streaming The Menu. The movie The Menu has not yet been added to any streaming services, but you can find out when it does by following it on JustWatch.

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