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The Time It Takes Storyline 

When Lina is unable to forget her first love, she tries new things and moves to a new location. Featuring Nadia de Santiago and alvaro Cervantes in the lead roles.

In which a young woman tries to move on from a painful romantic memory. Starting over, moving, looking for a new job and trying new things are all on Lina’s to-do list this year. Lina, on the other hand, is attempting to move on from her first love. For the sake of moving on with her life, Lina tries to spend less time thinking about Nico each day.

It’s hard for a girl to forget her first love, so she does a lot of things quickly, like moving to a new location, renting a new home, and searching for new employment. In a nutshell, make an effort to start over… For some reason, Lina can’t seem to stop thinking about the times she spent with Nico. There are many conflicts and confusions between the stated couples in this romantic love story.

The Time It Takes Cast

The Time It Takes |cast

“The Time It Takes” stars Nadia de Santiago as Lina, a woman who has recently broken up with her boyfriend. For five seasons, De Santiago starred in the popular Spanish series “Cable Girls” on Netflix, and she’s already a familiar face there. Nico, Lina’s ex-boyfriend, is played by lvaro Cervante. The Netflix thriller “The Legacy of the Bones” (“Legado en los huesos”) featured the Spanish actor, and he most recently appeared in the Stiges Film Festival premiere “Malnazidos.” Moussa Echarif, Prince Ezeanyim, Carla Linares, Nico Romero, and Cala Zavaleta also star in “The Time It Takes.”

Actress Nadia de Santiago portrays Lina in this movie
Mavi is played by lvaro Cervantes as Nico David Castillo as Santi Mariv Carrillo
Julio is played by Nico Romero.

The Time It Takes Release Date and Where To Watch It

The world premiere of “The Time It Takes” is set for October 29, 2021. All 10 episodes of Netflix’s original series will be available only on the streaming service.

 The Time It Takes Reviews| and 10 episodes

Lina and Nico meet at an aquarium in the past in Episode 10 of the series. Organizing her life in the present, Lina finds an old photo booth picture of herself and Nico and gently places it in a bin bag. For her, this is a fresh start.

Lina then pays a visit to her father, a widower. Slowly, she becomes at home in her father’s house. They go out to a bar to reminisce about their time together. The father lives a simple life and dreams of going fishing again someday, but for the time being, he is focused on clearing out the belongings of his deceased wife. He asks Lina why she’s leaving; she’s looking for a new beginning now that Nico is no longer in her life. Despite her mother’s concerns, she assures her father she is fine.

When her mother died, her father realized he’d never be happy again, and he tells her as much. He’d never gotten over the fact that he’d lost her. Lina reminds him of the current situation and then bids him farewell as she heads to India.

The focus of this episode is on Lina and Nico saying their final goodbyes. There’s still love in the air. They have faith that whatever they are experiencing will pass. They have sex in the end. The scene then shifts to the present day, where Lina is reflecting on the events of the past.

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 The  Time It Takes Trailer

Because each chapter is a treasure trove, The Time It Takes is a worthwhile read. Even if it’s morbid and sobering, there’s a genuine sense of realism here. It teaches us something. It evokes anguish. In the end, it comes down to the genuineness of a couple’s connection and the depth of their affection for one another. The more time we spend in the present, the less painful the past becomes. When a relationship ends, it’s important for viewers to know that the pain is temporary. They’re aware of it.

The Time It Takes |trailer

To a large extent, The Time It Takes is an account of the healing process as seen through Lina’s eyes. According to love experts, a broken heart activates the same part of the brain as a broken leg, and this Netflix series makes a sincere effort to understand what it feels like after a life-changing event.

It also helps that the lead actors have such great chemistry together on-screen…. Passion and frustration are used to great effect in portraying this once-in-a-lifetime relationship in the film. It’s the kind of relationship that’s difficult to end. You’d be awake at night, delirious and unable to sleep.

Frequently Asked Question?

Where Can I Get The Time It Takes?

Drama-Romance tv series The Time It Takes (2021). The Time It Takes TV series stars Alvaro Cervantes, Nadia de Santiago, and Nico Romero (2021). Time It Takes premieres October 29th on Netflix. The alterations were precise and logical. This appears to be absolutely stunning. The character she plays in Cable Girls seems to fit her like a glove.

Dave’s portion was just finished, and he enthusiastically recommended it. A final attempt before Netflix takes it down for good. This film has a lot to say about our current situation. Regarding the necessity of carrying on indefinitely. What’s more, it’s safe to say that what came before was a futile endeavour. It was a situation you were desperate to get over. Entrusting another person with your personal information is difficult. What a slog it is!

With over 209 million paid subscribers in over 190 countries, Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming entertainment service, offering a wide variety of TV shows, documentaries, and feature films. There is no limit on how much you can watch, whenever and wherever you want. With no commercials or commitments, members can play, pause, and resume watching at any time.

The Time It Takes Series Review : A Bittersweet Romantic Drama That Deserves A Second Season

The Time It Takes, a Spanish romantic drama series, depicts the breakdown of a nine-year relationship in graphic detail. It explores the complexities of Lina (Nadia de Santiago) and Nico’s (Lvaro Cervantes) relationship, showing how they interact in the present and how they drift apart in the past despite numerous chances to mend their relationship. When it comes to its first season, the show has an interesting way of juxtaposing the past and the present so that viewers can form a complete picture.

A gradual fusion of the two timelines can be seen in the episodes with titles like “Two Minutes in the Present and Nine Minutes in the Past,” and so on. For a while, the story moves along in a straight line, with flashbacks and current events intercut. Additionally, each episode runs between 12 and 13 minutes, with 11 of those minutes reserved for engaging storytelling, making it a powerful tool for storytellers. The short, sharp bursts of the Lina-Nico story ensure its freshness and minimalism.

The creators of these “mini-episodes,” if you can call them that, don’t have to go looking for other characters to fill in the gaps; attention is almost always focused on the main characters. And they deliver!

Time It Takes ultimately focuses on turning the page and learning to heal broken hearts, mending wounds. Even though I hope Lina rejects it, the ending leaves us with no way of knowing for sure.

It was a sad, beautiful story, but it was realistic, too. I was enthralled by the actors and the authenticity of their love. Despite the fact that it doesn’t need a second season, I’d definitely watch it. This was a worthwhile investment of my time. It’s great!

In what way does Lina move on from Nico?

On the 21st of October, Lina departs for Morocco, where she plans to visit a children’s hospital and, hopefully, change the course of her life. Is Lina trying to get over the loss of Nico by being stuck in the same rut for so long?

A man Lina befriends during her time in the city ends up being her sex partner while she’s there. In order for her to feel the passion she has craved for so long, this is enough.

To her surprise, the setting reminds her of the idyllic paradise she and Nico have enjoyed together in the past. At one point in this scene, Lina tried to get passionate with Nico, but Nico shot her down, claiming his book was going to get wet.

 Is Lina and Nico back together? In The Time It Takes

In the end, it boils down to this: It’s easy to dismiss these two as toxic and unsuited for one another, but there’s actually a lot in common between them. In the early stages of their relationship, it was clear that they had a strong chemistry. In addition, they’ve known each other for nine years.

To be sure, Nico’s infidelity is a huge red flag that will likely cause a lot of anxiety for Lina. The fact that Lina showed up at their meeting point shows that she hasn’t completely forgotten her ex-boyfriend. Since the death of his father, Nico has been in a bad mood. A brief reprieve from his old ways after his return from Zanzibar shows him to be somewhat malleable. He did it then, so why not do it now?

Whether or not Lina and Nico get back together remains to be seen.

As far as I know, no one has an answer to that. It’s easy to say that these two are a bad match because they have so many things in common, but the truth is that they complement each other quite well. In the beginning of their relationship, it was clear that they had a natural affinity for each other. Not only that, but they have been together for nearly a decade.

Nico’s cheating on Lina, however, has the potential to stoke Lina’s doubt in her relationship with him. However, Lina’s continued attendance at their agreed-upon meeting location (on the rooftop on her birthday) indicates that she hasn’t completely moved on from her relationship with her ex.

Nico, likewise, has been unable to find his bearings since the death of his father. A brief foray into new behaviour upon his return from Zanzibar illustrates his short-term adaptability. If he did it once, why not do it again?

Ultimately, The Time It Takes has been a show about moving on and healing broken hearts and mend wounds. I’d like to think Lina rejects him, but the ending leaves us in the dark.

 Ending Of The Time It Taken

Lina decides to leave after receiving an explanation from her father Vincente, who is still struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife. In the scenes in which she cleans out her apartment, it’s clear that she’s ready for a new chapter in her life.

Nico shows up on his doorstep the same night that he learns of his friend’s departure. His words evoke memories of their shared past, and he encourages her not to let things fade into obscurity. Before we learn Lina’s response, the series ends.

Time It Takes ultimately focuses on turning the page and learning to heal broken hearts, mending wounds. Even though I hope Lina rejects it, the ending leaves us with no way of knowing for sure.


Lina is surprised to see Nico outside her apartment as she heads out of the building. Her departure for India is confirmed, and he says his goodbyes. He informs her that it was a failure. He was unable to forget her. They just stand there, leaving the story open to the imaginations of the onlookers.

Focusing on Nico and memories of their time together is not something Lina should do after their relationship ends. When Lina is unable to forget her first love, she tries new things and moves to a new location. During the course of the series’ ten episodes, she will spend less time dwelling on the past and more time living in the present, illustrating the adage “time heals all wounds.”

I’d like to believe that Lina was able to muster the courage to leave for India after such a trying time of healing. Love isn’t always enough to keep you together.

The following are the final details:

  • Spain is the country of origin.
    For this television drama, French will be the language of instruction.
  • El Tiempo que te doy or The Time I Give You.
  • The filming location is Madrid, Spain.

The conclusion:

Netflix’s Romance series is quite refreshing, and it appears to be watchable despite the genre’s tired tropes.

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