Through My Window 2 Release Date Coming Soon Know Here

Through My Window 2, a Spanish-language romantic thriller based on the novel of the same name (A Través de mi Ventana) was a huge success for Netflix.

The film chronicled the doomed romance between the charismatic but mysterious Ares and the literary prodigy but innocent Raquel. Of course, there’s also the obligatory best friend and family turmoil.

Through My Window is set to fill the void left by the cancellation of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth on Netflix’s teen romance lineup. Two more installments of the film are being made, and Netflix confirmed as much today. What we know about Through My Window 2 at this time

Through My Window 2 Happen Or Not?

This is something about which we are now completely in the dark. Netflix does not reveal when it planned to begin production or when Through My Window 2 will be available.

Given that the first Through My Window came out around Valentine’s Day, the second one would probably do the same. It is unknown how this will affect the release dates for Through My Window 2 and Through My Window 3, however it is common practise for sequels and prequels to film simultaneously.

Through My Window 2 Cast And Main Lead

Based on Netflix’s statement, it appears like the whole central cast will be back for the Through My Window 2. Both Clara Galle and Julio Pea as Raquel and Ares will be appearing in the film.

Hugo Arbues, who played the younger brother Apolo, and Eric Masip, who played the eldest brother Artemis, are also coming back for more. In addition, Raquel’s best friends Daniela (Natalia Azahara) and Yoshi (Guillermo Lasheras) will be back.

While their roles in the first film were very minor, they had a significant influence on the narrative, so it’s possible that we’ll see Ares’ parents and Raquel’s mother in the Through My Window 2. Some new cast members will very certainly be added to the mix as well, just to increase the ante on the tension.

According to Through My Window author Ariana Godoy, connection between cast members was crucial for the success of the Netflix version.

To which Godoy replied, “Well, in my imagination, my characters never look any way” (via CheatSheet). “Despite my detailed descriptions, I cannot picture their faces in my mind. All I want for Ares and Raquel is for them to click. For me, that’s the main thing. It doesn’t matter to me how they seem. For me, it’s all about the chemistry, as it was in the novel and was going to be in the film as well.”

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Through My Window 2 Plotline

Although the fate of Raquel and Ares was left unclear in the first film, they did end up together in the end. Here’s a complete explanation of the film’s finale in case you missed it.

Spoilers for Through My Window follow, but in brief, Raquel and Ares are madly in love, but they’ve decided to break up since Ares is going to medical school while Raquel is going to study literature. On the other hand, the film ends with Ares climbing through Raquel’s window, the two still obviously over heels in love.

We can only hope that Godoy’s sequel novel, Through You (A Través de Ti), will serve as a source of inspiration for the film’s sequel. The novel’s sequel will be released on May 24, and you can pre-order it now.

Since Godoy is collaborating with Netflix on the sequel, any changes or deviations will likely be made with her approval. The premise suggests a new female protagonist who is fascinated by the legend of the Hidalgo brothers, but Netflix has stated that they will be returning to the narrative of Raquel and Ares.

Due to Godoy’s excitement about his debut film with the streaming service, we have no doubt that this partnership will be successful (via SweetyHigh).

“Insane! It seemed unbelievable to me. It took a few hours of speaking it out loud before I could accept it. Imagine that! It’s great to know that your narrative will find a home on the world’s largest streaming platform, Netflix, which will allow it to reach a massive audience around the world.”

Complexity is likely to persist regardless of the outcome.

Godoy explained, “I didn’t want to make everyone flawless” (via CheatSheet). “That there is no such thing as a perfect girl. The ideal male does not exist. Both are imperfect; even Raquel has her shortcomings. She’s got a lot on her plate right now. I honestly hoped the idiosyncrasies would help convey the meaning. At the conclusion of the book, I feel like both of them are completely different people than they were when the book began, which is a testament to the fact that we all make errors and humiliating decisions and yet rise up and learn from them.”

Just don’t worry that the Through My Window 2 will include a more malicious Ares.

“His lack of physical aggression sets him apart from other “bad lads.” He never gets angry or yells at anyone. That kind of behaviour is uncharacteristic of him. He’s just shutting down completely. She is denied entry by him, “This, Godoy said.

The third story, titled A través de la Lluvia, is now exclusive to Wattpad and follows Apollo Hidalgo, the youngest of the Hidalgo brothers. It’s possible that a third film will come after this one, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Through My Window 2 Trailer And Teaser

There is currently no footage available for the sequel (Through My Window 2)or third film in the series because they have just recently been revealed.

Netflix subscribers may now enjoy Through My Window.

Through My Window 2 Ratings

The film’s “sex, efforts at female empowerment, and the same old poisonous tropes” led Janire Zurbano of Cinemana to give it just 2 stars out of 5.

Through my Window, a Netflix original film in which everything happens after discovering a wi-fi password, has all the makings of a great romantic comedy.

In the first scene, Raquel (Clara Galle) confronts Ares (Julio Pea) after learning that he has been using her Wi-Fi password. Her neighbour, rather than expressing regret, sternly informs her that the creature is fascinated with her and that her neighbour will never let it go. Rachel, having finally come to terms with who she is, confesses her love for and desire to win over her neighbour. Ares claims he has no feelings for her, although he is always in her room, flirting with her, and even bringing up the subject of her chlorine allergy.

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Through My Window Recap

Raquel begins telling her story. One scene takes place in a classroom, where she stubbornly refuses to read her work, despite the fact that she is clearly capable of writing a tale but lacks the confidence to read it aloud. She goes on to explain that rather than beginning here in this lecture hall, her narrative really begins in her family’s home.

According to her account, the Hidalgo estate began as a modest home but has now expanded into a veritable empire. She shares a wall with the Hidalgo family, who have a very different existence than her own. Alpha 3, owned by the Hidalgos, is one of the most powerful enterprises in Spain, and its headquarters is housed in the most impressive structure in all of Barcelona.

The Hidalgo brothers Artemis, Ares, and Apolo—known collectively as “Alpha 3″—are the rightful successors to the throne. Raquel has an unhealthy fixation with Ares, but she has never confronted him about it. She follows his every move and enjoys amassing data on him.

Since their own Wi-Fi was malfunctioning, Apolo appreciates Raquel letting them use hers. She doesn’t understand how Ares managed to breach her Wi-Fi password and finds out to her dismay that he did so. When Raquel discovers Ares has hacked into her computer, she tracks him down to a remote forested spot the next day to confront him. He then inscribes the password on her palm and inquires as to the significance of the phrase “Ares, Greek God.” They talk, and Raquel eventually tells him she likes him and hopes he’ll fall for her.

As a statement of ownership, she disables the Wi-Fi at night. However, Ares sneaks into her chamber through a window and reconnects the power. It’s a heated exchange that leaves Raquel wanting more. The next day, Ares takes her to a party, where she seduces him but doesn’t give him what he wants, at which point he yells, “Karma is a bitch.” Later, she gives Apolo a drink, and he gets too tipsy to return to his apartment. Together with her pal Daniela, she brings him back to her apartment.

Apolo accidentally damages her phone on the way to her apartment. Ares climbed back up the window and told her they couldn’t go home until their dad got off work. For the first time, Ares tells her about his grandpa’s death and the fact that his grandfather had allergies, too. Raquel isn’t thrilled by Ares’s generous gift of a new phone. She plans on returning the phone to him at his residence, but instead they have sexual relations. Raquel becomes furious at Ares’s indifference and storms off when he does this.

She remembers her locket and returns to his house to get it. Even though she spends the night, he again fires her the next day. So that she may forget about Ares, Raquel’s pals Daniela and Yoshi accompany her out to a party. When Ares spots her in trouble on the sidewalk, he brings her home with him. Because she makes him feel things, and because his father has already chosen a route for him, Ares acknowledges that he has been trying to avoid her. A way forward that doesn’t entail becoming involved with any pretty ladies. Ares explains to Raquel that his feelings for her are sincere, and he begs for another opportunity.

This time around, things are looking up. But then, to show his dad he’s right, Ares drags Raquel to a family get-together. Raquel’s mother is working as a server, and Raquel is ashamed to go there and visit her.

Raquel’s mom had a serious talk with her about how she doesn’t want her daughter to turn out like her dad. Though he was a talented author, her dad lacked the nerve to have his work published during his lifetime. She tells her to stop making excuses and tell Ares how she feels.

Raquel tries to visit Ares at his house to tell him this, but she is barred entry since Ares’s family views her as a detriment to his success. The disobedient Ares sneaks off to the prom, where he is rejected by Yoshi for the umpteenth time because of his role in shattering Raquel’s heart.

For as long as he could remember, Yoshi had feelings for Raquel and wanted to be more than simply friends with her. From the start, he had disliked Raquel and Ares being together.

Yoshi is really upset and won’t allow Ares talk to Raquel. After an argument breaks out, Yoshi tosses Ares into the shallow end of a pool and walks away, leaving the chlorine behind.

Raquel hears from Yoshi about what occurred in the pool, and she immediately goes to help Ares because he is sensitive to chlorine. According to legend, Ares had a life-threatening allergic reaction.

The entire time he is in the hospital, Raquel is there to comfort him. They’re not as worried about him now, so Ares is free to do as he pleases. And so it was settled: he would go to Stockholm and study medicine.

Ares admits to her at the airport that he purposely hacked their Wi-Fi just to get in touch with her.

Four months after Raquel finally musters the courage to tell her experience, she releases the book Through My Window.

As the credits roll, she is surprised by Ares, who has climbed in through a window.


This film was fantastic, in my opinion. Up until this one, I hadn’t found a single Netflix movie worth watching. Yousi (sorry if I spelled it wrong) punched him and he fell into the pool, and at first I thought he was going to leave him there, but he had the audacity to go and tell his best friend. Other than that, some parts were confusing, but other than that, it was spicy and hot like Ares is hot, and this movie gave me butterflies and made me cry.

Apollo is hilarious, and I like how Ares went from being a nasty lad who didn’t believe in love due of his parents to changing his ways after meeting Helen. The fact that he broke his connection only to talk to her shattered my heart, because it seemed to imply that he had noticed her all along. This is a film that everyone should see.

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