Ultraman Season 3 Release Date Coming Soon Know Here If It Cancelled?

The Ultraman anime has returned to Netflix for a second season after a three-year hiatus. Ultraman Season 3 and final season has already been announced by Netflix, thus the anime will return in 2023 for a fourth and final season.

Netflix’s original animation series Ultraman is based on the manga series of the same name by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, respectively. Other Tokusatsu series, including as Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and VR Troopers, may not exist today if it weren’t for the Ultraman franchise.

Until recently, it was widely believed that the fabled “Giant of Light” had left Earth and returned to his native planet. Shinjiro Hayata, his son, learns of his father’s secret and assumes the mantle of Ultraman for himself in the process.

Is Ultraman Season 3 Going To Be Happen Or Not?

Netflix announced that Ultraman had been renewed for a third and final season soon after the second season’s premiere.

Considering how popular the anime series is, a third and final season shouldn’t come as a surprise. As if that wasn’t enough, the Ultraman franchise has been a huge hit for decades.

Only Japan and Malaysia have had an anime make it into the top 10 most popular television shows since Ultraman’s comeback.

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The Netflix Premiere Date of Ultraman Season 3

Production There was a three-year gap between the first and second seasons of the anime because I.G. has been working hard on the second and third seasons. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the time between seasons 2 and 3.

As of now, the only certainty we have is that the third and final season of the series will air in 2023. At the earliest, we’d expect another April/Spring release of the game.

Ultraman Season 3 Plotline

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to release an official explanation of what will happen in the last set of Ultraman episodes at the time of writing this page. However, this is not a significant concern at this moment because this information is normally made public much closer to the release date and that intel has not yet surfaced in the public domain.

Fans can learn a little more about the final iteration, however. Despite the lack of specificity, the teaser announcement trailer for Ultraman season 3 did provide the only official description available, indicating that this would be the show’s final season.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for additional news and details regarding Ultraman season 3.

Ultraman Season 3 Episodes

There are 13 episodes in the first season of Ultraman, which you can watch on Netflix right now. When the second season premiered on April 14, 2022, there were six episodes accessible to view, all of which are currently available. The streaming service is also working on a feature film.

Ultraman Season 2 Recap

A global mass disappearance event occurs in the second season’s six episodes, during which Rena and Shinjirou both vanish at the same time. A mystery “disappearance incident” has prompted freelance journalist Kotaro Higashi to go into the matter. With his lover, Izumi, he takes a picture to prove that it was done by aliens. However, he becomes a superhuman with extraordinary fiery superpowers after a certain encounter. A new alien menace is met by the united Ultraman brotherhood, which includes Seven, Ace, Zoffy, Jack, and Taro.

According to the teaser, Koji Ishizaka, the narrator, is shouting out “Ultraman, get up!” to an immobilised Ultraman. Reverberations of Zetton, the Space Dinosaur that defeated the original Ultraman, may be heard. When Shin and Shinjiro take on Pedant together, we’ll see what happens next.

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Ultraman Season 3 Is Based On Manga?

Ultraman does not appear in this manga, which takes place forty years after the original series. Despite this, his actions are felt throughout the novel. He has been given superhuman powers by his union with Shin Hayata in this timeline’s continuum. In the future, Shin Hayata’s son, Shinjiro Hayata, inherits these abilities, making Shinjiro Hayata technically Ultraman’s genetic son as well.

Ultraman Season 3 Trailer

Netflix has produced an introduction video for the third and last adventure of Ultraman, although an official trailer has not yet been released.


An episode is still to be savoured by me. Overall, I was pleased with the show.

Animated shorts are a tremendous hit! It’s possible that they’re made up of visuals from a variety of competing technologies, like the exploding battles or the glowing halo of flames that surrounds Ultraman at times. A sophisticated concoction, this.

Contrarily, the vocabulary and voices, as well as a few naive story twists, imply that the intended audience is a young one, if not a child. Generally speaking, but not solely.

Try it and see if you like it. You never know!

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