Uncharted 2 Movie Release Date, Cast Confirmed Without Delay Just Check

Despite the clamoring of fans, Sony has not confirmed the development of Uncharted 2. However, if we adopt the mindset that “no news is good news,” we still have hope of receiving an update.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not merely conjecture. When Sony CEO Tom Rothman first talked about Uncharted, he called it “a brand-new franchise for us” in an interview with Deadline. Another saying, “the best-laid plans,” can be used to cast suspicion on Rothman’s schemes.

The film’s box office take of $400 million in early 2022 despite lackluster reviews from reviewers is one indicator that this “might happen.” When you consider the film launched in the midst of market uncertainty, that number is not to be sneezed at.

While we patiently await Sony’s announcement of Uncharted 2, here is all we know thus far.

What Is Uncharted Movie?

In this film, played by Tom Holland, we are introduced to a young Nathan Drake (not yet the famous treasure hunter from Naughty Dog’s video game series) who is sharp and streetwise. This is not to suggest, however, that he does not engage in any treasure hunting throughout the film. His mentor and friend from the games, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), enlists him to help find the missing wealth gathered by the Portuguese explorer Francis Magellan 500 years ago. Together with Sully, he is about to embark on his very first assignment around the globe.


Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas), who is also after the riches, makes Nathan’s job that much more challenging. Nathan travels around the world in a race against time to retrieve the treasure before Moncada does, but the situation becomes more complicated when the double-crossing fortune hunter Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali) also shows there.

Uncharted 2 Release Date Happen Or Not?

A release date for Uncharted 2 has not been disclosed due to the game’s lack of official confirmation. To some extent, we can extrapolate the sequel’s timeline from the first film.

Uncharted began filming in July 2020 and wrapped up in October 2020, with reshoots scheduled for July 2021. However, the film’s release date was pushed back and forth so many times that it finally hit theatres a full 15 months (or February 2022) after principal photography wrapped.

Uncharted 2 would be expected in 2025 if production started in 2023. Since the sequel hasn’t been officially announced, there are no set filming dates, thus production isn’t likely to begin this year.

After wrapping up filming for The Crowded Room, an Apple television series, Holland has stated that she plans to take a vacation from acting. We can’t say we blame him for his hectic schedule, which may cause him to put off working on the sequel while he finishes up other projects, such as Spider-Man 4.

We’ll have a better sense of when to expect Nate’s return to screens once Sony officially announces a sequel.

Uncharted 2 Cast And Main Lead

Of course, if there were to be a sequel, Tom Holland would have to reprise his role as Nathan Drake. He is no stranger to continuing a series, and the conclusion of Uncharted, like his Marvel Cinematic Universe films, leaves the door open for more adventures. Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg, would also make a return appearance.

Also expected to return is Sophia Ali, who played treasure hunter Chloe Frazer and had a brief romantic interest in Nate in the second game. The first film hinted at a possible romance between them, but finished with them as rivals when Nate deceived Chloe about the treasure’s whereabouts.

Nate’s brother Sam, who Nate thinks is dead (this was also a crucial narrative in the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End), was hinted to return in the end credits, but who will play Sam in the Uncharted 2, in which he is sure to play a larger role, has not yet been announced.

Without explicitly confirming Sam’s presence in the Uncharted 2, Fleischer told CinemaBlend that he has a “list of actors” who could play the role.

“I couldn’t promise that it would be in the next movie, but it was incredibly essential to me that if we’re going to bring that character back, that in this picture, we respect the fact he’s alive,” he said.

“I figured it was crucial to let the viewers know he still exists. However, Nate is in the dark. He’ll learn the truth and run across him again sometime.”

But after his death at the hands of Tati Gabrielle’s mercenary Braddock, Antonio Banderas won’t be reprising his role as Moncada any time soon. We don’t know if Braddock died after being crushed by a ship because we never found her body.

It’s highly improbable, but nothing is impossible in a world where Nate can survive a fall from a cargo jet without even a scratch.

In the second scene after the credits roll, Pilou Asbaek appeared as the villain Gage, who betrays Nate in a business deal before being defeated by Sully. We don’t think this is the last time we’ll see Gage.

The games’ major love interest, Elena Fisher, could make an appearance in the sequel as a new character. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has them getting married and having a kid, so it’s likely that she’ll make an appearance in the film adaptations.

If Sam does play a larger role in the Uncharted 2, then A Thief’s End’s major antagonist Rafe Adler, who has history with the Drake brothers, could make an appearance.

Considering the first film was based on the game but left Rafe out, it’s possible that Uncharted 2 may include a new antagonist who has nothing to do with the video games.

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Uncharted 2 Plotline

Uncharted is a whole story in and of itself once the bad guys are defeated and Nate and Sully locate the riches. Sully must give up his wealth to save Nate’s life, but he has saved a few pennies for his new teacher.

The first sequence of the credits served as a major teaser for the sequel by revealing that Sam was still alive and imprisoned. It’s unclear whether the “watch your back” admonition in the postcard he’s writing to Nate is in reference to a specific threat or to Sully in general.

Before Braddock shot Sam, he and Sully had been working together to locate the treasure. We can’t say that we blame Sam for harbouring resentment toward Sully after he abandoned him to die.

The major reappearance of Sam into Nate’s life is the only thing we know about the sequel so far. The first film took cues from the video game series but wasn’t a straight copy of any of the games.

Even though four additional video games have been released in the Uncharted series, including Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, we highly doubt that a straight adaptation of the games will be made. Some Criminals Have Talent for Drawing from), and instead will find a whole new quest for Nate and Sully to head on, given that the movie rewrote how Nate and Sully met and Nate and Sam’s past.

However, Fleischer has been hinting at certain moments from the games that he’d like to see adapted into movies, beginning with the car chase from Uncharted 4.

“The vehicle chase in Uncharted 4 was the best I’ve seen in a movie or video game. In all the car pursuits I’ve been a part of, that one stands out as the best “To which he gave high acclaim. I plan to win that round.

Uncharted 2 Trailer And Teaser

Given that Uncharted 2 has not even been officially revealed, it should come as no surprise that there is no video from the game available just yet, and that filming and a trailer are still quite some time away.

Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and other digital merchants now sell or rent Uncharted for your viewing pleasure.

Uncharted 1 Recap

The Drake brothers, Sam and Nathaniel “Nate,” are orphans who are arrested trying to steal a map from a Boston museum. The map was created following the Magellan voyage. Even though Sir Francis Drake had no children, Sam sneaks out of the orphanage to spend time alone with Nate and the ring that belonged to their ancestor, Sir Francis Drake.

Fifteen years later, Nate is still in New York City, but now he’s a bartender who steals from the wealthy. Sullivan, a fortune hunter who helped Sam in his search for wealth hidden by the Magellan crew, tells Nate that Sam disappeared after assisting him in stealing Elcano’s diary.

When Sam suddenly stopped sending him postcards, Nate agreed to help Sully track him down. At an auction, Sully and Nate meet Santiago Moncada, the lone surviving member of the family that supported Magellan’s journey, and Jo Braddock, the head of the mercenaries under his command. Braddock’s soldiers ambush Nate, and the following struggle provides a convenient diversion for Sully to make off with the cross.

The two set out for Barcelona, where Sully’s acquaintance Chloe Frazer, armed with a second cross, says the treasure is concealed. Using Elcano’s diaries as a guide, Nate, Chloe, and Sully discover a hidden crypt under the altar of Santa Maria del Pi. Nate and Chloe go in and discover a trap door; however, as soon as they release the trap, water begins to pour into the tomb.

When Braddock tries to ambush them, Sully helps them get away. Using the two crosses as a key, Nate and Chloe discover a hidden passage leading to a map showing the treasure is located in the Philippines. In a betrayal of Nate, Chloe abandons him to take the map to Moncada, where she hints that Sully is hiding something from Sam.

When Sully brings Nate back to life, he stresses the strain on their partnership caused by the fact that he told Nate that Sam had been slain by Braddock three years before and that Sully had left him for dead. On their way to find the treasure, Moncada, Chloe, and Braddock’s team board a cargo jet, where Braddock eventually kills Moncada to assume leadership. Nate approaches Braddock after he and Sully board the plane.

After a fierce battle, Sully escapes in a parachute with the map, while Nate and Chloe crash in the Philippines and learn that the map does not reveal the location of the treasure. After deducing the treasure’s real location from clues left by Sam’s postcards, Nate correctly suspects Chloe of being untrustworthy and leaves her false coordinates. He eventually finds the Magellanic ships and links up with Sully. After Braddock’s pursuit, Nate and Sully are forced to take cover while her team airlifts the ships.

Sully takes control of one of the helicopters, while Braddock directs the other to come in for a boarding action, as they make their getaway. Nate fights off her men and uses the ship’s gun to bring down the other chopper. When Braddock closes in on Nate, Sully throws a bag of loot at her, knocking her overboard where she is crushed to death when the ship sinks. Nate and Sully manage to pickpocket a few valuables just before the Filipino naval units arrive, while Chloe arrives empty-handed. Sam, now proven to be alive and having somehow escaped being shot by Braddock, writes another postcard to Nate, warning him to watch his back.

In a scene set in the middle of the credits, Nate trades his ring for a “Nazi map” from a man working for Roman. His plan to betray Nate is foiled by Sully. They manage to get away, but an invisible foe follows them and corners them.

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Uncharted 2 Rating And Reveiws

Based on 255 critic reviews, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 41% approval rating with an average score of 5.3 out of 10. According to the site’s critical consensus, “Uncharted exploits its bestseller source material to deliver a lacklustre echo of superior adventure pictures,” which is a bit of a letdown considering the film’s stellar ensemble.

The film received an average score of 45 out of 100 on the review aggregator Metacritic, based on the opinions of 44 professional critics. CinemaScore audiences gave the picture an average grade of “B+” on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak viewers were mostly enthusiastic, giving it a 79% approval rating and recommending it to 61% of their friends.

  • On IMDb, Uncharted was rated 6.3% out of 10.
  • When it came to critics, Uncharted only garnered 41% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The average rating for Uncharted on Vudu is 4.37 stars.
  • Seventy percent of Google users deemed this movie enjoyable.

Uncharted 2 Where To Watch The Movie?

The action flick Where to Watch Uncharted, starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Sophia Ali, is currently on streaming services. You can stream it from services like Netflix, ROW8, Prime Video, Redbox., Vudu, and Apple TV right to your Roku.


This was an excellent adaption of the Uncharted video game series, and I say that as someone who has played through each game numerous times and achieved a perfect score in each. Tom Holland did an excellent job of capturing Nathan’s character. I wasn’t sure he could pull it off at first, but he nailed Nate’s charisma, comedy, and heart in a way that was uniquely his own.

I loved how much he resembled Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake without coming off as a cheap imitation, and I can’t wait to see what else he does in the future. Mark Wahlberg’s performance as Sully was also quite outstanding, and he did a great job of showcasing his wise and compassionate character. All of Chloe’s unexpected turns were expertly handled by Sophia Ali, who also did a terrific job with the role. And the rest of the actors did a respectable job with their parts, too.

The narrative captures the spirit of Uncharted quite well. The movie’s overarching theme of a global treasure quest felt lifted straight from a video game. The translation was surprisingly good, even for the more leisurely parts of the game like working out puzzles and figuring out what to do next. All the action was fantastic as well. It was exciting, and I liked seeing Nate’s more improvised fighting style on display. Those set pieces were top notch, for sure. Seeing a variety of classic and modern set pieces, each of which captures the excitement and tension you’d expect to experience when battling through it in the game, was a genuine treat.

In the end, this was a great movie that faithfully reflected the spirit of the Uncharted video games while adding its own unique spin. You will like this film tremendously whether you are familiar with the series or not. I found it to be entertaining, and I can’t wait for the next instalment.

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