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In 2019, audiences may see the film Unwelcome in theatres. The story follows a couple who decide to escape metropolitan life for a more tranquil existence in rural Ireland.

Jon Wright helms the film from a script he wrote with Mark Stay. A lot of well-known Irish actors and actresses appear in it, including Jamie-Lee O’Donnell of the Derry Girls.

A highly urban, liberal, progressive couple reconnect with their primordial, animal selves in this film, as described by director Jon Wright in an interview with Empire.

Unwelcome Release Date

Bloody Disgusting predicts that March 10 will be the release date for Unwelcome in theatres. The VOD release date is set for Thursday, March 14.

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Preview Of Unwelcome 

The official trailer for Unwelcome does exist, and it looks terrifying. Read on for an inside look at Maya and Jamie’s disastrous relocation to Ireland.

Official Synopsis Of Unwelcome

The official Warner Bros. synopsis for UNWELCOME reads as follows: “UNWELCOME stars Hannah John-Kamen and Douglas Booth as a couple who flee their urban nightmare to the tranquilly of rural Ireland, only to find wicked, bloodthirsty goblins waiting in the gnarled, old wood at the foot of their new garden.”

Rather from the usual scenario of an established household being invaded by an outsider, we have a couple from the city relocating to a peaceful rural location. This concept incorporates a monster from Irish legend rather than a stock fantasy creature, so there are evident cultural links as well.

In essence, the Irish Redcap is a deadly goblin-like monster that takes pleasure in acting viciously and spitefully. The creature’s “red hat” is stained with human blood. They use cotton shawls to cover the remainder of their body. They often wield mediaeval weaponry, ranging from little daggers to huge pikes, and sometimes wear thick boots fashioned of wrought iron. What we know about the creature’s past is conditional on where we find it, but we may assume that it will be as vicious as the well-known Gremlins.

The movie’s promotional materials stress the danger posed by both the Redcaps and the Irish. Also, it seems that the Redcaps’ attacks on the town’s residents are not due to the couple’s failure to “feed” them blood sacrifices, but rather to the pressure exerted by the town’s people. What’s more stranger is that despite moving into a new home due to a death in the family, the pair doesn’t seem to have taken care of the Redcaps’ food needs.

It seems like it would be in the Redcaps’ best interest to warn any new inhabitants about the dangers they face, given that they have attacked others besides the pair. Even if it doesn’t happen, the film as a whole should clarify things.

Unwelcome Cast And Mian Lead

The primary protagonists, Maya and Jamie, an English couple forced to battle against the Redcaps due to the conflict, will be portrayed by Douglas Booth and Hannah John-Kamen. Booth had an extensive filmography prior to Unwanted.

He played the lead in the Netflix original series The Dirt and made appearances in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Noah, and the theatrical production of Romeo and Juliet from 2013. On the other hand, John-Kamen has appeared in films like Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Ready Player One, Tomb Raider (2018), and the short-lived The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It’s intriguing that both Booth and John-Kamen have been in films about Noah’s Ark.

Unwelcome Cast And Main Lead

There are several more well-known actors in the cast, including Colm Meany (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), Kristian Narin (“Game of Thrones”), Chris Walley (1917), Rick Warden (“Band of Brothers”), Jamie-Lee O’Donnell (“Derry Girls”), and Lalor Roddy (“Derry Girls”), among others (Grabbers).

The cast and crew from Jon Wright’s last film, Grabbers, will return for this one as well. The special effects in Grabbers were praised by critics and earned the film a nomination for an award from genre publication Fangoria. Seeing the Redcaps come to life and cause havoc should be entertaining. The screenplay was written by Mark Stay, who previously collaborated with Jon Wright on the film Robot Overlords.

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Unwelcome Ratings

The film’s rating of R indicates that it contains bloody or disturbing images, dialogue that repeats itself, drug usage, and sexual material that may or may not be explicit. An 18 certificate in the UK is thus likely to be issued.

Unwelcome Director Of The Movie

The screenplay for “Unwelcome” was co-written by Jon Wright and the director himself, as well as by Mark Stay. They previously collaborated in 2014’s “Robot Overlords,” a post-apocalyptic thriller. As a director, Wright is well-versed in the genre of monster films.

He oversaw the production of “Tormented,” about a bullied boy’s spirit that haunts the people who wronged him, and “Grabbers,” about face-hugging aliens who take over an Irish island, both in 2012. The filmmaker of “Unwelcome” recently told Empire that he hopes to craft a socially conscious horror statement with the film.

Unwelcome Trailer


In Unwelcome, Hannah John-Kamen and Douglas Booth play a couple who relocate to rural Ireland only to find a wood full of bloodthirsty gnolls at the base of their garden. Unwelcome, written by Jon Wright and Mark Stay, gets a R rating due to its graphic violence and gore, crude and frequent profanity, drug use, and sexual material.

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