Willow Season 1 Release Date Cast Trailer Announced Finnaly

To what would you react if you found out that your favourite Willow movie from your youth was getting a sequel Name Willow Season 1 and not a movie that lasts two or three hours but a web series that will feature eight episodes! Never in a million years did we imagine that 34 years later, we’d be lucky to watch the film’s sequel. This year will also see the premiere of the highly anticipated Willow sequel series.

Willow, the film that launched the dark fantasy genre in 1988, has been out for a long time now. Ron Howard’s picture, adapted from a story by George Lucas, followed Willow (Warwick Davis) as she went on an epic quest to defeat evil. The question is, “What are you waiting for?” Prepare to learn everything there is to know about the first season of your favourite programme, Willow, right here with us.

Willow Season 1 Available On Disney+ Or Not?

Production on the TV show Willow has wraapped, and it will premiere on Disney+ at the end of November 2022. On May 26 at the Star Wars Special event in Anaheim, the project team revealed the teaser to the public for the first time.

Willow Season 1 Available On Netflix?

Does anyone know if Willow is streaming on Hulu? No. Watch Willow on Disney+. You can find it with the other thrillers.


Willow Season 1 Summary

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In what month will the first season of Willow be available to stream? (Publication Date)

The premiere of Willow is set for November 30, 2022, while the majority of the Disney+ programmes drop new episodes every week. We anticipate “Willow” to follow this trend as well.

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Willow Season 1 Release Date

Here we are, at last, at the beginning of the Willow Season 1 countdown. Learn all the specifics by exploring our site. Add this website to your bookmarks so you can check back to see if we’ve added any new information on this subject.

Can you tell me, Willow, what the topic may possibly be?

Although his future adventures are shrouded in mystery, we can rest assured that Willow will remain the same lovable, heroic saviour he was in the film. The clip gives the impression that the once unskilled magician has greatly honed his craft and is now able to portray himself with genuine elegance and swagger while maintaining his characteristic humility.

The events of the film take place decades before those of the TV series, when Willow is assisting a young woman named Kit in their search for Kit’s kidnapped brother. The two then set out on a brand new epic journey with their select band of companions.

Willow Season 1 About What?

The Disney+ show, it has been said, is set several years after the events of the film and follows a new generation of heroes. Princess Kit and her kidnapped twin brother need saving, so they enlist the help of two servants in training to become warriors: Jade, a maid, and Dove, a cook.

There is also Boorman, a thief who joins the show’s protagonists on their attempt to evade capture.

Willow Season 1 Imdb Rating

The public and critics alike have been captivated by this psychological thriller. The reviews for Willow can be found here. There are no ratings on sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes as yet. Willow has a 7.9/10 rating on Google. That’s a pretty impressive score.

Willow Season 1 Cast And Main lead

Davis, who played Willow Ufgood in the new series, will be back in the role. Queen Sorsha, played by original cast member and formidable warrior Joanne Whalley, will be included in the upcoming Disney+ series. She is the monarch Bavmorda’s daughter.

In the latest instalment, a brand-new band of explorers makes their debut. Ellie Bamber, Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman, and Jade as Princess Kit visit Willow to enlist her help in saving the world.

Although Val Kilmer, who recently appeared in “Top Gun: Maverick,” will not be appearing on the show, his portrayal as Madmartigan, the protagonist of the cult film, is said to play a “big part” in the new streaming series.

Willow Season 1 Teaser

Not only did it have groundbreaking special effects and a ground-breaking story, but it also had a groundbreaking actress in Davis. Amazing developments in the drama could be possible if they continued in that way. Disabled people are often left out of discussions about representation.

Therefore, this is a perfect chance to present a broad and encompassing definition of fantasy. Only a few few series include a protagonist who is either physically impaired or cosmetically unappealing. Consequently, if you are interested in gaining a fresh viewpoint, you shouldn’t miss it.

Is Willow Season 1 Available On TV?

Season 1 of Andor is limited to Disney+, so if you want to view it, you’ll have to subscribe to the streaming service. Ad-free streaming on Disney Plus costs $8 per month or $80 per year. In the beginning, you may expect to pay around $14 per month. Costing just Rs.1,499 per year in India.

Willow Season 1 Is Sequel Of Willow 1988 movie

In other words, don’t expect a sequel. This TV show will take place years after the events of the film and will feature brand new characters. In this series, our heroes are on a mission to find and rescue a kidnapped prince.

Can We Expect To See Warwick Davis Back On Willow?

Yes! Star of the film and protagonist Willow Ufgood, Warwick Davis, will presumably make another appearance (as High Aldwin of Nelwyn?

Davis: “I’m pleased to reassure the numerous fans who have asked me over the years if Willow will return that he will.” Several people have confided in me that watching “Willow” as a child shaped their perspective on the importance of heroism in the modern world. I consider it a great honour to play Willow Ufgood again if he may serve as a symbol for the hero within everyone of us.

The Disney+ Day event featured an introduction to the new cast by Warwick Davis, who stars in Willow and a forthcoming Disney+ series.

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Where Did They Shoot The Willow TV Show?

Much of the original film was shot in Wales, so the production decided to go back to the country. Season 1 has wrapped filming and is now in post-production.

Where do you find the Willow scripts?

The pilot episode was reportedly written by Jonathan Kasdan, who also worked on “Solo.” The screenplay’s author, Bob Dolman, is involved with the show as a consultant producer. John Bickerstaff, Hannah Friedman, and Kasdan are all credited as writers in recent promotional materials for the series.

Willow Season 1 Episode Details

The first season of Willow appears to consist of eight episodes, as shown on IMDB.

Willow Season 1 Trailer

The first season of Willow does have a trailer on YouTube. The trailer can be seen down below if you’re interested.


We can easily picture a heroine in a wheelchair or a love interest with a facial deformity if the world we’re imagining has Death Dogs and otherworldly prophecies.

Because disabled people so often fall between the cracks of society’s attention, it would be fantastic if Willow could shift our perspective on disability.

The question now is whether Disney is willing to continue the trend set by the first film all those years ago, or whether it will instead do something truly new in terms of who gets to be the protagonist in fantasy stories.

Willow Season 1 Frequently Asked Questions

When will the first season of “Willow” be released?

The release date is set for this year on November 30.

Are you planning on making “Willow” Season 2?

We haven’t heard anything concrete about this just now.

In the upcoming Willow, will Val Kilmer play a role?

In future episodes of the Disney+ series Willow, Val Kilmer will not reprise his role as Madmartigan.

Is Willow 2022 a sequel? 

It’s a continuation of the 1988 film Willow, so yes.

Fifth, does Willow take place in the Star Wars universe?

The film was speculated to take place in the Star Wars universe. The picture was directed by George Lucas (yes, same George Lucas), but it is not set in the same galaxy as Star Wars.

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